The Seven Basic Goal Categories

Currently I’m reading a book called “Reaching For Your Goals – Jeff Davidson”

As time passes by I would like to share certain inputs or chapter that I really like or find it valuable for all to share. One of the chapter that Jeff wrote on was on The Big Seven or The Seven Basic Goal Categories. Here is a short excerpt of it.

    The Big Seven

Dr Allesandra says that for many years, people lived with the mistaken belief that their home life and work life could be totally separated. Many people gave their families and personal lives a back seat to their careers, chasing only the carrot of success while other facets of their lives suffered. Yet, you have many needs and wants you seek to fulfill. Basically,human needs fall into seven broad categories:

Mental : The functions of your mid – memory, concentration, learning, creativity, reasoning and mathematical abilities

Physical: The many functions f your body – overall fitness, percent of body fat, skills and abilities, agility and endurance

Family : Your relationships with the special people you consider to be part of your family

Social : Your relationshps with others outside your family and outside your business – in a word, friends

Spiritual : Your relationship between you and your religion. Also philosophical and humanitarian areas of your life

Career: Your involvement in your chosen field, both on and off the job

Financial: The management of your financial resources and obligations


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